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Do you think that 500 years old education curriculum can repair your child for the future challenges?

World’s first life skills curriculum compiled by Harvard University’s alumni’s to impart 21st century life skills to children. The world is changing fast and the future belongs only to those who can change, adapt and lead. The curriculum covers total of 25 critical life skills based on the grade of the child, the curriculum covers different set of skills at various levels.

What can you expect from like skills curriculum for your child?

Ø  High standards of ethics and values in your child

Ø  Increased ability to face difficult situations in life and handle them effectively

Ø  Inspiration to start his / her (tick mark) enhanced ability in your child to solve problems and think critically

Ø   improved ability in your child to lead others and take initiatives

Ø  Your child inculcates the practice of setting goals both short and long term

Ø  Your child becomes a conflict resolver among friends and siblings

Ø  Increased awareness of global events and their impact

Ø  Increased sensitivity in your child to understand other peoples pains and emotions

Ø  Increased awareness in your child about how to become a contributor in the economy instead of being a spectator

Ø  Understanding of how to use social media and the internet for productive purpose instead of getting entangled in time wasting activities

Wait!  Do you wonder what really life skills are ?

Then here it is…..

Life skills are a set of soft skills that are critical in the 21st century setup for an individual to build an independent life and succeed in achieving his / her life goals. Its is the combination of these skills, which makes an individual see opportunities even during the crises. As napoleon hill said “ Opportunity often comes in disguised in the form of misfortune, of temporary defeat” The training is designed in such a way that the child has to invest not more than 2 hours a week whether your child is in grade 3 or 12th grade or in intercollege/ pre-university only two hours per week is all the time a child has to put in learning these critical life skills. Each session comprises of

·         A concept video

·         A case study

·         A skill game

·         Real/ life scenario based questions

·         Interactive exercises skill games

·         Real-world skills practice


It is being processed successfully across 72 countries world wide. Life skills is being taught in 3000+ Schools.



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