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About us

About us

Why will you choose ILLC ?

We are operating since 1992 and all our instructors are ESL certified from USA and well experienced. We are providing the best quality of education and we are affiliated with ITTI USA. We are providing the International Certification while other are only providing the national level certifications.

Why ILLC Overseas Education Consultancy?

We are providing Overseas education consultancy services since 1992 and we have all the Colleges and Universities from Australia, Canada, UK, Sweden and South Korea. We are working with expert lawyers.

Why We Are The Best GED Provider?

We have all the facilities that should be provided to the GED students. Like, Computer Lab, Fast Internet, Projectors etc. We have the affordable fee Package compare to other institutes.

C.E.O Massage

Welcome aboard to our exciting journey into global education! It's like embarking on a fantastic adventure, and we're here to ensure it's a smooth ride for you. My team is fully prepared and eager to offer expert guidance at every stage, helping you move confidently towards your future goals around the world.

Together, let's explore this journey and uncover the incredible opportunities that await you! Your success is our top priority, and we're here to support you every step of the way."

Our Mission

We are focused to get every learner to love learning and empower human beings through skills and education. Furthermore, we foster our student’s motivation, grit, and help them acquire the 21st-century skills to meet the challenges in life.

Our Vision

We believe that education is the training of minds, souls, and hearts so we are committed to providing them opportunities and a positive, safe stimulating environment for every individual learner where all are valued.

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We understand the importance of connecting with our clients individually and believe in easy and simple communication.

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