Without a doubt about IELTS Task 2 test Answer- health

The average weight of people is increasing and their levels of health and fitness are decreasing in some countries.

Exactly just exactly What do you believe will be the factors behind these nagging issues and exactly exactly what measures might be taken fully to re re solve them?

A template is one thing that will be properly used over and over again to create one thing. Template IELTS responses are usually really bad and I also tell individuals to never utilize them since they do not properly answer the question, but there is however one exclusion.

In solution and problem Task 2 responses or factors and solutions Task 2 answers, you can expect to generally make use of the after 4 paragraph framework:

Problem Solution:

Causes Solution:

When it comes to 3rd paragraph both for essays we are able to make use of template solution. Let us view a sample essay first.


In a few countries, individuals are getting more substantial and requirements of well-being and health are dropping. This essay will claim that the key reason behind these problems may be the style of nutrition they truly are consuming and submit a government training system as being a viable solution, followed by a reasoned summary.

The primary reason behind the wellness crisis presently impacting a lot of individuals is over-consumption of low quality sustenance. Convenience meals and unhealthy foods, such as for example microwave oven dinners, chocolate pubs, McDonald’s and pizza, have grown to be an ubiquitous section of contemporary life. Consuming an excessive amount of these high-fat dishes causes numerous to achieve fat and also this has knock-on results on somebody’s basic health. For instance, the film ‘Super Size Me’ demonstrated that the individual who consumes this sort of food on a regular basis can not only get fat but in addition experience specific things like high blood pressure as well as fatty liver illness.

The absolute most practical answer to this dilemma is a government-sponsored understanding campaign. a powerful advertising could alert for the hazards of an unhealthy diet and ideally, raise awareness between the public. This raised understanding of the situation would lead lots of people starting a regime that is healthier. A day and this resulted in a dramatic decrease in obesity-related illnesses such as stroke and heart disease for example, the U.K. recently lobbied their citizens to eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables.

In conclusion, the health that is current happens to be due to an over-reliance on unhealthy meals and states should curtail this by educating women and men on how best to make healthier organic options.

You will see into the 3rd paragraph i would recommend that the government marketing campaign could be the best answer. Fortunately, for the majority of issues- and I also state many because you will find constantly exceptions- a federal federal government campaign that educates individuals about the problem is obviously a solution that is good.

We are able to, therefore, use the template that is following

Probably the most practical treatment for this dilemma is a government-sponsored understanding campaign. an advertising that is effective could alert for the perils of [X] and hopefully, raise understanding between the public. For instance, the U.K. recently lobbied their residents to [Y] and also this lead in [Z].

all you’ve got doing is consider carefully your question that is particular and change X, Y and essay writing service Z.

Let us try out this with another concern.

Concern- in a lot of nations schools have actually serious difficulties with pupil behavior.

Exactly just What do you believe will be the factors behind this?

Exactly exactly What solutions could you suggest?

The essential practical treatment for this issue is a government-sponsored understanding campaign. an advertising that is effective could alert regarding the perils of pupil misbehaviour and ideally, raise understanding between the public. For instance, the U.K. recently lobbied their residents to show kids concerning the importance of respecting instructors and also this triggered a dramatic enhancement.

As you can plainly see, I have tried personally exactly the same template paragraph but changed X, Y and Z to satisfy certain requirements of my specific concern.

I really hope you discovered this post of good use. In addition have lesson that is complete IELTS problem solution essays you may possibly find helpful.