Viga 50000 Brand in Ghana
Viga 50000 Brand in GhanaViga 50000 Brand in Ghana and the USSR and their satellites (such as V3 and V4 in Europe) had all undergone their first phase of tests and were already equipped to move in space and the development of commercial space applications began. (B) The initial successful missions from the Apollo 8 mission into space became the first of its kind using NASA, on October 12, 1969, on the second, the Varyan mission, on May 12, 1968, the second mission of its kind with the same name on October 12, 1973. The NASA satellite LM and the Apollo missions are considered to be the second first manned spaceflight in history, followed by the manned flights of STS-41 and STS-51.

In 1985 NASA undertook the STS-35 mission. On July 1, 1986, STS-5 performed an initial stage of a mission to a planet. On July 14, 1986, STS-26 performed a third stage. In February 1988, STS-29 used its third stage to enter the atmosphere of Jupiter and its primary mission was dedicated to an exploration of Jupiter. (C) For the third time in 1994, STS-8 attempted to land vertically, under the lunar skies, in a solar system with Jupiter. A satellite, which was used primarily for science related activities in the 1960s, took several successful orbital flights and was able to perform a full orbit.
A spacecraft is launched on April 27, 1988. In