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Student Handbook

Student safety

Personal safety and security are a matter of common sense and awareness. Below are a few tips for your personal safety.

Safety and Useful Tips When You Are Out And About

  • Walk-in well-lit areas
  • Walk mid-point between travelled routes between buildings
  • Try to walk with a group of people
  • Use caution when using elevators, isolated stairways, or toilet areas.
  • Plan the safest route to your destination and use it. Stick to the main roads if possible. Never hitchhike!
  • Remain alert. Use your peripheral vision. Wearing headphones may decrease your awareness.
  • If approached, maintain a comfortable distance while you answer a question or give directions. Never turn your back on someone who has approached you.
  • Try and arrange a lift home from a friend or a taxi if you are going out late. Get dropped off as close to your door as possible.
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