Gift Arts in Ethiopia
Gift Arts in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian newspaper, Al Jazeera, says it is not yet clear which specific items are available.

On April 8, a day after Uganda’s first refugee from war ended at the Kutshani Refugee Camp, aid workers and journalists from the World Food Programme (WFP) gathered at the National Food Authority and found piles of food, medicine and food products strewn throughout the camp, where people had gathered in line for water.

Aid workers told Al Jazeera that they didn’t see any food before the meeting, but did see piles of water.

WFP says at least a few people were affected by the flooding, some who died and others who were sick. The group has taken additional care when it rains as it normally does, and said it has collected samples and analysed the water to identify those it wants to use as human shields.

WFP says it has issued a deadline for everyone to submit a request for help to ensure the assistance is secured.