Actually women that read on their own as open-minded favor a woman supply them a therapeutic massage.

IT’S often the basic, and most embarrassing, question at a salon: “Do you like a female or male massage therapy counselor?”

Different thinking may swirl through a client’s head. For several people, they brings up body issues and protection problems: may a male counselor end up being interested in me personally? Imagine if we forgot to shave my feet? Will they see my personal stretch-marks?

For a number of guys, it can make them uncomfortable and tongue-tied: will likely women therapist getting strong enough? Basically select men, will they believe I’m gay? What if we be turned on?

Normally all appropriate concerns, stated John Ellsworth, a massage therapy counselor in nyc with years’ enjoy. “You’re totally naked and people are scrubbing oil all-over the body,” he stated. “It’s an even of intimacy with a stranger which unfamiliar for many people.”

Most women request feminine massage practitioners, spa supervisors state. The same thing goes for males. Lynne McNees, president on the Global Spa relationship, attributes it to standard numbers. “Seventy per cent of spa-goers include female, and there are far more female practitioners, so it is reasonable this will be the choice,” she stated.