Would u marry a priesthood that is worthy if he did not provide a mission? I will be simply wondering on which individuals consider this.

Here are the many responses that are noteworthy

1. He serve a mission in the first place if he was a worthy priesthood holder, why didnt? Why didnt he place gods work before his own.

2. for guys, its a commandment, so personally I think that should they had that possibility and didnt take after that it they probably wont be my first option. ive heard of blessings and experience that are included with missions and I also want that become aside of my future home and family members. so its certainly a standard i hold, but im perhaps not planning to hate some guy if he didnt. we have a bro who didnt get and then he’s nevertheless a fantastic guy who married when you look at the temple. and if it right person comes around and he didnt, and I also know its right, then yes I am going to marry him. but individually i want some body, whom for them to go at the age of 19, willingly and worthily went if it was possible.

3. (we actually understand this poster, and therefore makes their response also sadder) – According to the Brethren, those worthy and able (both actually and mentally) to provide a objective are commanded to provide. There could be “some teenage boys whom aren’t designed to provide an objective,” but those teenage boys (if they’re worthy) are the ones that are incapacitated either physically or mentally. President Packer said, “no matter if it interrupts your schooling or delays your job or your marriage – or basketball. Until you have a significant health condition, every Latter-day Saint child should respond to the decision to provide a mission” (Ensign, 42).