You merely will perhaps not get an answer right right here, but your data will be ready you’ve got outmatched if you were to think. Check the page to wait the thread.

War re re looking provides forever. And yes, I may decide on a tiny mismatched versus await days to obtain an opponent. Eventually, it may enhance my attacking style. Plenty of players will begin to get annoyed and frustrated and ultimately simply keep the overall game if supercell doesnt focus on this issue. Do they shall have plans of targeting this issue? Sweet that Supercell however can come up with excuses for why they continue to maybe maybe maybe not get things appropriate.

New war matching algorithm nonetheless provides bad match ups except now they simply just simply just simply take 4 to 10 times a lot longer. Great article, and internet site website link. A great amount of information to procedure.

My primary genuine real question is what is an engineering this is certainly acceptable in the event your planning to should think of making changes to the war belong to line? Just one more plain thing I really do believe supercell should cope with takes place when the clan is spread across quantities. We now have th6 to th They might never be engineered, but if we need to war over 10 players, we should include our th6. They must commence to are the energy potion inside the count, i’ve a 3rd account , it really is fair… opinion that we make use of the energy potion to try out such as for instance a maximum maybe perhaps perhaps perhaps Not yes?