illc 120-Hour TEFL-TESOL Certification is an accredited, four-week, in-class certification course that provides for a high-quality teaching practicum with actual EFL students. During the training, there are daily study sessions in which trainees learn teaching methodology, classroom management, how to teach accent reduction and interesting grammar classes. The greater portion of the time is spent on preparing, teaching, and evaluating EFL classes.

The teaching-practice students are both visitors and immigrants to an English-speaking country or locals in non-English-speaking areas of the world. This TEFL-TESOL course gives you the best return on your investment and is perfect for both in-service teachers or for those students who have never taught English before. In-service EFL teachers benefit from the TEFL review and bring their teaching skills up to date.

Beginning EFL teachers gradually acquire new skills and have sufficient practice to apply them to teaching and get immediate feedback from their TEFL trainer. The course comes with full career-support services including resume/CV and cover letter preparation, school lists and recruiter referrals as well as actual TEFL job leads as they are sent to the school.

To learn more about the beautiful locations we offer, check the individual location page. All TEFL graduates of our in-class program receive a free on-line, 50-hour TEFL specialization course in one of the following areas: Teach Business English, Teach Young Learners or Teach TOEFL Test Preparation. This additional course becomes available upon completion of the 120-hour in-class TEFL certification.