Phoebus wore the wings of the hawk at once, at another your skin of a lion.

Bestiality in Ancient Rome

Leonard C. Smithers and Sir Richard Burton composed within the notes of “Sportive Epigrams on Priapus”: “Although recommendations into the classics to bestiality aren’t unfrequent, in Epigram 52 may be the passage that is only can phone to mind which treats of a animal sodomising a person. In Juvenal we read, ‘If he be missing, and guys are wanting, she will not postpone to submit her buttocks up to a young ass placed over her.’ This reference is, nevertheless, to copulation, perhaps perhaps not sodomy, the lady taking a posture that is kneeling one that would best enable the animal to enter her. [Source: “Sportive Epigrams on Priapus” interpretation by Leonard C.