If a man that is married really loves their spouse, would he pursue an other woman?

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Whether he really loves their spouse simply the problem. The problem is: is their wife to his relationship healthier? Then the only way he’d be pursuing another woman is if he is just a super-selfish cheater if it is.

But if it relationship just isn’t healthier, and then he’s made severe efforts to correct the connection but has not been in a position to for example explanation or any other, then it is possible which he’s pursuing an other woman because he understands his very own relationship cannot be fixed. Demonstrably the thing that is right do would be to end that relationship, but often that isn’t as possible as it must be. Then many guys will stay together in the relationship even though they long ago “checked out” of it emotionally (the same is true for some women) if there are children involved, or financial issues that would destroy his life in a divorce,.