Alone utilizing the protection officers, Nicole attempted to examine Lexine’s brainwave habits aided by the safety panel to no avail.

whenever she overheard a demand assist in Sick Bay 2, she had been barred from making the barricade by a protection officer. Frustrated, she proceeded to look at Lexine’s scans before the unexpected breach regarding the barricade drove her plus the protection officer to perform for the next haven that is safe. Equipped with a Plasma Cutter, she plus the officer made their means toward the Sick Bay. The officer had been killed and Nicole scarcely were able to reach Sick Bay 2. the specific situation within the bay deteriorated quickly Within a half-hour, they certainly were away from medical packs to greatly help the injured.

She recorded a log that is frustrated to get more assistance from anybody nevertheless alive in the ship and detailing the employees’s failure to manage the accidents which are starting to swamp them. [9] Nicole begun to be sorry for perhaps not Lexine that is following and other people towards the Engineering Deck.